A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Walk on the moon and learn about growing plants in an artificial atmosphere.


wasd to move

mouse to look around

f is flashlight

shift is sprint

enter to interact

Install instructions

OSX and Windows Builds inside of the zip


MoonBaseWindowAndOSX.zip 103 MB


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its a nice little game but you will need to do a lot to fix some issues, 'E' does not work but the doors open when I jump. And I can constantly turn on the water button and I am hit with multiple water sounds that is really loud. I wish I could have played it more but it was confusing at that point. Also plants need Carbon Dioxide not Carbon Monoxide. As it is a sealed atmosphere humans emit CO2 not CO.

thank you for the input can I ask if you are on a Mac or PC and by E did you mean the enter button

ah ok, I will use enter. I am on pc. I got confused because the space bar was opening doors.